With Mr. von H. to the Schlangenberg

Trip to Arabia

Soon we will be on the road again!

For our new movie we will travel more than 10.000 km across the revolutionary Arab states of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. This time on BMW supported by TOURATECH.

With our new movie HOT SAND AND BURNING HEARTS we want to find out about how the Arabian world has changed after the revolution.

Our topics are human rights and the rights of minorities and how the term “freedom” is understood. Interview partners come from all parts of society, ranging from Facebook activists to fundamentalist Salafists.

A few encounters have been pre-arranged from Germany. The rest will simply happen. We are looking forward to authentic incidents and encounters at the side of the road, on village squares, water wells in oases, in coffee houses next to Tahir square and talking to Bedouines in the desert next to a campfire.

Still the main point will be the journey across the desert and the oases of Northern Africa on two BMW 800 GS motor cycles.